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Hunstanton by the sea

Sunday 20th August 1972 - Hunstanton

We were leaving Cambridge for King's Lynn. After breakfast we walked down the road to the River Cam where we were going punting in the early morning. Mum was at the front paddling and Dad was at the back pushing the boat along with the long pole. We passed under a black bridge and went under some weeping willows that were sweeping into the river. We saw the backs of all the colleges and people’s homes were right on the river front. An old door opened up to the river. There were 2 very old bridges. The first one was terribly old and linked 2 old houses together. Instead of being an open-air bridge, it was all sealed in. I could imagine all sorts of people walking across there. The bridge behind it had 8 arches. There were lots of ducks swimming and as we got close to the bank lots of them were asleep in the grass. Half of them woke up as we went by. We turned around to return the boat as we only had ½ an hour. We were the only ones on the river and it was lovely, peaceful and serene.

We left Cambridge to go to church in Ely 16 miles away. We went to church in the enormous Ely Cathedral. It is a magnificent sight with lots of chapels. One in particular, the Lady Chapel, has all the carved stone heads knocked off. The Puritans did this because they thought the people worshipped these carved faces. They smashed all the stained-glass windows and they are replaced with normal glass. Only one window has a bit of stained-glass in this chapel. The size of the ceiling in the church is immense. It is so huge and beautiful. The transept has pictures of religious people all over it. The stained-glass windows are huge and rich in colour. The churches we have seen in England so far have not had organs on the ground but enormous pipes near the ceiling. When we got to King’s Lynn we decided not to stay there but to go on to Hunstanton which is by the sea. We saw an old castle as we were on the highway and decided to go and look at it. The village around it is called Castle Rising, so the castle is called Castle Rising Castle. It is in Norfolk. The castle was built in about 1600 and is surrounded by a deep moat which doesn’t have any water in it. We walked across the old bridge over the moat and under an archway and then we walked up the old stairs until we got to a balcony that overlooked the courtyard. In the courtyard there was a well covered in wire. There was also an outdoor well. The indoor well was there because if they were attacked they could still have water. There were tiny slits in the walls like windows where they shot the arrows. Lots of parts weren’t open to the public. Some old holes in the walls smelt very musty. In a very big white room there was a fireplace. I could imagine all sorts of people living here and the battles they had. In one area they were excavating and we could see a window and a door. When they have finished digging they hope to find the remains of the castle beforehand. It’s really exciting with the moat and the slopes are really steep. The countryside everywhere we have seen is really beautiful and green. There are animals grazing, thatched rooves, stone houses, haystacks and ponds everywhere.

When we arrived in Hustanton we looked for accommodation. That night we slept in the Deepdeene Hotel. The whole family slept in one big room. The room was beautiful. Hunstanton is by the sea and we went into the town to see it. We bought some things in the gift shop and then went down to the beach. English beaches are not at all like ours. Instead of having beautiful wide, white beaches they have brown, rocky, thin beaches which are cut off at about every 200 yards, otherwise they are nice. We looked around more shops and then went back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner we went for a walk in the twilight. We walked by the promenade and went inside the fun fair. We all had a go on the Joy Glider whizzing down. Then Matthew and I went on the Moon Walk. It was a great big balloon thing striped orange and white. About 3 ft. off the ground was this plastic floor stretching right across. When we climbed through the hole to get on it was windy, but not inside. The floor was in bumps. We kept falling over by our own swells and everybody elses. It was smashing. Next Stephen and Matthew went on the Dodgem Cars and I went on one too. I kept smashing into everyone. It was great. We then walked home and watched colour TV in the lounge.

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