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Sydney to London via USA

This was written by me as an 11 year old...way too much detail!!!!!!

5th August 1972 We are catching a Douglas DC-9 by Ansett. We are in Row 8 Aisle C. I just had to stop writing because it started to get bumpy. As we started to take off my ears popped. The land looks like a fairyland. I love it! It's all very welcoming aboard and I’m really comfortable. We were just told by the captain that we are 28,000 feet high and can go at a cruising speed of 500 miles per hour. Before I knew it we were in N.S.W. We are going via Armadale. I am sitting next to Matthew and we just had a cordial and 2 yummy biscuits. It’s pitch black outside. My ears are popping as we are gradually going down. I think we are flying over Newcastle. The towns are like fireworks.

As we flew over the bright lights of Sydney it was like a fairyland coming true. I could see the Harbour Bridge and could see the vague outline of the Opera House. The airport is in the suburb of Mascot. We are staying in the Koala Motor Inn. It’s really lovely in our family unit. There are 13 floors. On the 13th floor there is a pool. We are on the twelfth floor with 572 as the number of our room. The Inn is at Oxford Square. We arrived here at 6.30 pm. We had a Chinese meal for dinner. "Tua Yuen" was the name of the restaurant. The meal was scrumptious. Matthew and I both tried at the chopsticks, but were hopeless. I love it here! England here we come!!

Sunday 6th August 1972 - Sydney

We woke up early and went to find a grocer’s to buy some fruit for breakfast. The family unit was really comfortable. We left the motel to walk to the underground railway to catch a train to Circular Quay. It was fun!! We then waited for our ferry to Manly. When it came we saw its name was the “North Head”. The Harbour is really a magnificent sight, it’s so large. The opera house is gorgeous, so is the bridge. From the ferry I could see Luna Park. At Manly we had lunch and went to look at the beach. We caught the ferry home. In Hyde Park domain we listened to some speakers and walked through the gardens. I LOVE Sydney.

Well it’s goodbye Sydney. We’re in BOAC’s super VC10. We are flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet. The hostess just gave us each a Coke. The pilot just broadcasted that we had to fasten our seatbelts because we are running into a storm. It’s very bumpy!! The trip between Sydney and Fiji takes 3 hours and 10 minutes. We’re over the ocean and it’s pitch black. I’m really comfortable. We just had the most scrumptious dinner I ever had. Everything was gorgeous. We had prawns, beef and peach meringue flan. Yum! The toilet is very ingenious, with everything you could think of in a small room. I’m going to try to go to sleep now.

This is still really the 6th, but the time is two hours ahead of us. When we were 10.10, Fiji was 12.00. Before we were allowed to disembark a Fijian man had to come through the plane and spray around something for health reasons. We are now on our way to Honolulu and will be at an altitude of 37,000 ft. I just woke up and looked out the window and all you see is clouds. In the night the hostess came and seat-belted us up because there were thunderstorms. I was feeling very sick on the plane this morning. The hostess told us that we had passed the international date line. The time was put back a long way. Our time it was Monday and their time was Sunday.

We landed in Honolulu at 10.00 pm. It is really a beautiful place, what we saw of the airport and from the plane. The city has tall buildings and is by the beach. In the airport (which is very large) there are lots of various types of planes for instance A.A., Panam jumbo jets and lots of other big planes. The airport is covered in lots of beautiful gardens, most of which are Japanese style. When we left for Los Angeles we saw the ocean gleaming blue below us. We can’t see a thing outside the window, because it’s all cloud. We are at an altitude of 33,000 ft. Honolulu was very hot, the temperature was 81 degrees. We just had lunch, yum! At odd intervals we could see the ocean between the clouds. We landed in Los Angeles.

As we were having a five hour stopover here BOAC took us to a motel for free. It was called Sheraton Motor Inn. We went there by bus and all the way to the Inn was airport and airport buildings. I was astonished at the way Americans drive because it is the opposite to us. Mummy and Daddy shared a room and so did the boys and I. Every minute at the airport a plane is landing or taking off. We then had a free dinner. We watched TV until we had to leave at 11.00. We boarded the plane and are on our way to New York. The captain told us that our cruising speed was 850 mph and our altitude is 33,000 ft. In the distance I could see Las Vegas. Los Angeles is huge.

Monday 7th August 1972 - New York and plane

Last night we had 4 hours sleep and the night before, 3 hours. We are travelling towards New York at an altitude of 41,000 ft. The top of the clouds is 40,000 ft. New York’s temperature is 79 degrees F. We were just old to fasten our seatbelts as it was getting bumpy. As we did not have breakfast on the plane we were given a free one at the airport. Whenever we are stopping at an airport we are given a transit card. We then bought some stuff at the duty free shop. We went through the customs and a lady ran this thing over us to check that we didn't have a gun. London, here we come! We are flying at 33,000 ft up the coast of Canada.

Me at 11

Me at 11

Stephen, Matthew, Mum & I

Stephen, Matthew, Mum & I

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