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Coen - 2 days

Coen - Friday 12th August 1977

We didn't leave too early today and stopped in the town of Laura, which consisted of a few aborigines’ houses, a general store, post office and pub. The telephone was one of those old wind-up ones. We then went to aboriginal rock art at a creek just past Laura. There were impressions of footprints in the rock. We passed over tons of creeks today, most of them with no bridges, or just roughly built wooden ones. We then went to a monument to this guy who rode by horseback up the cape, instigating the building of the telegraph line. There are tons of ant hills around and they are getting bigger as we go further north. The pointy end of them always faces north. It is looking a little more tropical, with lots of palms. We stopped for lunch at Cool Map Creek and went for a paddle. We went in the truck today and it was revolting and dusty. We later stopped at Musgrave Property where we bought drinks. It is 643 square miles. It is an old colonial home with a runway next to it. We then had a long boring drive to Coen. It was only a short distance but we have to travel slowly because it is such a rotten road. We drove through Coen and saw lots of aborigines. Some didn’t look too friendly. There were tons of drunks outside the pub. We are camping beside a creek, but I’m not having a bath tonight because there is supposed to be crocodiles there. Tonight there is a crocodile patrol to watch for them from 10 pm onwards. There was a small dinner of sausages and I am starving. We are sleeping outside again tonight and everyone is singing around the campfire at the moment.

Coen - Saturday 13th August 1977


Today I slept in because it was a rest day. After missing breakfast because we had a bath in the creek and washed our hair, we did some washing. Then we blew up our air mattresses and floated around in the creek for about 3 hours, from 10 am to 1pm. It was really beautiful, but I happened to become extremely burnt. I am bright red and really badly burnt my back and backs of my legs. It is stinging like anything. After a yummy lunch of sandwiches, we got dressed to walk into Coen for the races. Everything is so expensive up here. A large can of coke is 40c and a loaf of bread is 84c. It was boiling hot. At the races there were only 3 jockeys who rode different horses. We only saw 2 races and then a motor bike race. It was more interesting looking at some of the people, rather than the horses. Everyone wears cowboy hats and there were tons of aborigines. Some of the little kids were really cute. The aborigines live in quite nice houses, but some have only one roomed houses with an outhouse. We drove past some houses and saw aborigines cooking outside over a fire and making their beds outside. There were tons of people outside the pub after the races. We then came back in Mike’s car and I went for a swim because I was so hot. For dinner we had steak and veges. Afterwards was a birthday party for Brian Crank, one of the drivers. We sat around the campfire singing songs. It was really good. From 11 o’clock until midnight Joe and I had crocodile patrol, but no-one had gone to bed.

Sue &#38;  I

Sue &#38; I

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