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Great shopping in Guangzhou & I'm not a shopper!!!

Didn't get much sleep on the train & woke up every hour! Arrived in Guangzhou at 9am – huge station with people everywhere. We went in search of a luggage storage area. Asked several people with our written translation & would get pointed in a direction. Eventually found a baggage handling area & they indicated by mime we should go to the hotel over the road (Bai Yun City Hotel)

They spoke English & we stored our luggage there for the day for 20 yuan. Next we had to find the Airport shuttle bus that I found on the internet was in this area, so we knew where to go tonight. Showed a couple of people our written translation & it was just around the corner! So far so good!

A man at the hotel pointed us in the direction of some nearby shops - it was the watch shops & garment buying area for wholesalers. We just touched on a little part of it. Nath got a nice jacket for $40. I was feeling a bit sick ( overtired I think) & needed carbs so we hunted for food & found bananas & Mandarins for sale – that helped a little but really need sleep!.

Guangzhou is a city of around 4 million people & feels like shopping capital of China!

We wanted to go next to Bejing Lu pedestrian shopping area & needed to catch the subway called the metro. Do you think we could find the entrance to it!! We wandered through the crowds in front of the station & asked several people – many who were so nice & helpful, till eventually we found it. Had no English signs at all!

That done we had to work out how to get the ticket chips from the machine. We got in a ticket line & told them we needed to go to Gongyuan Qian Station & it wasn’t happening so they got an employee who spoke English & she got us the coins we needed to operate the machines & showed us what to do. At most big stations & Maccas & KFC they always seem to have 1 English speaking staff.

I have found people so helpful in China & streets clean & always being swept. Subway was fast & clean & we only had to go 3 stops. Went in a big store with lots of expensive small stores & found this amazing massage chair place where we had a 30 minute full body massage by a chair. Nathans was like a pod & his arms & legs were enclosed & massaged as well as his neck & back. After that we had a 10 minute head massage by this circular crown placed over our heads. It was so good & I almost dropped off. The crown was $200 AUS & the chair $10,000 AUS

Found the Pedestrian mall of Bejing Lu & every second person on the street was a watch or bag seller & would show you laminated cards & try to get you to follow them to their store. Others would discreetly go up to Nath & try & sell an I Phone for 800 yuan ( $160 AUS)

I bought so much stuff here – 2 jeans, 3 tops & 2 pair socks from Jean West for $100 AUS & then $200 Aus in this great shop called "Amon Avis" where I bought boots, belt, a top & 2 cardigans. The frustrating thing was no –one would accept an overseas credit card & we had to keep finding an ATM to get cash out. As we were flying out tonight I didn’t want a lot of Chinese money left over & would just get a little bit & then find more things I wanted to buy!!! If they were going to use a credit card it had to be visa & not mastercard & my 2 cards were mastercard. Note to self - have a visa card as well next time!!!

It was 5.30pm by the time we finished this street & so there was no time to go & look around Shamian Island, which is the old colonial district. There was a McDonalds there so we grabbed some dinner & as I was sitting there I realized to my horror what we had eaten today. KFC for breakfast, Pizza Hut for lunch & Maccas for dinner – there is a serious diet coming up when I get home! How bad is that!!!

Caught subway back – 2 yuan each ( 40 c) – how cheap is that! Got our luggage, got changed & caught the shuttle bus to the airport for 16 yuan each. Accomodation , transportation & food has been so cheap in China where we went. It was only entry prices that were so high.

Waiting now at the airport to check in ( our counter is not open yet) & there is a 7 – 11. Have not seen one in Vietnam or China. Nath & I discussed what we are excited to not have to do anymore when we get back home:

- Not having to use hand sanitiser a million times a day before putting anything in our mouths

· Not having to carry toilet paper with you

- Not having to put your toilet paper in waste paper bin beside the toilet instead of in it!

· Smelly toilets - especially open drain style toilets without doors

· Listening to people spit

- Wrestling with water bottles that will not open & the bottle collapses & leaks everywhere. Love it that it only costa 20 - 40 c!!!

- Listening to people spitting - People pushing in when you are in a line

Have had a great time in China & would love to come back & visit Danba , Tibet, Beijing & the Great Wall, Zian , Pingyo & Shanghai. Next time......

Our Air Asia Flight to Bangkok doesn’t leave till 11.20pm & arrives in Bangkok at 1.10am ( 3 hour flight with the time difference). Got bit for the bargain price of $55 AUS each so the lateness is the penalty you pay for the cheapness!

Nath in our soft sleeper berth surrounded by lugga

Nath in our soft sleeper berth surrounded by lugga



Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station

Bejing Lu Shopping Street

Bejing Lu Shopping Street

Going towards garment shopping area

Going towards garment shopping area

Under the glass is an old street from 11th century

Under the glass is an old street from 11th century

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