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Nuneaton & Coventry

Wednesday 23rd August - Coventry (Nuneaton)

Soon after we left Peterborough we saw this beautiful great big house with a little stream running through the front of the house. There were beautiful green rolling lawns, gorgeous gardens and a quaint little bridge. It was really beautiful. In a paddock we passed I saw about 10 black faced sheep following each other in a straight line. The countryside is really beautiful, clean and all the people are helpful and friendly (except for a few old hags). Thatched roofs and milestones we are always looking for. We passed through this very industrial town called Weldon. It was smoggy everywhere and the smell was so vile that I had to hold my nose until we were out of the town because the pollution was so strong. We had lunch at the town right next to Weldon, called Corby. We then walked around the shops.

Instead of staying in Coventry we were staying 10 miles out of it at a town called Nuneaton. We eventually found a place where we could stay called The Abbey Grange. After taking our stuff in we drove back to Coventry to see the Cathedral. During the war Coventry was badly bombed, including in 1940. The bomb went right down in the middle. Most of the outside walls are still there. They built a new altar out of the burnt ashes of the ceiling beams. There is a white modern statue of Jesus done by Eros. The new Cathedral is built on to the old one. At the entrance are huge glass windows with figures of religious people done with a waxy kind of thing. The baptistery window is really huge and colourful and symbolises the glory of God flooding into the world. Beneath it is the font, fashioned from a rough boulder from the hillside of Bethlehem. The Baptistery window goes from the ground to the ceiling. One of the chapels called the Chapel of Christ in Gethsemane is really gorgeous. It has a big crown of thorns at the entrance and at the back an angel holding a cup. In the chapel of Christ of the Servant is a big white cross hanging from the ceiling with the crown of thorns at the bottom of it. On a table below were 2 enormous candles. At the back of the altar was an enormous hand woven tapestry of Christ. There were stained-glass windows everywhere. I will never forget this Cathedral as it is really beautiful After we'd looked around town we went back to Nuneaton for tea.

Thursday 24th August 1972 - Macclesfield

When we left Nuneaton we were making for Lichfield to see the Cathedral. It is not as big as the others. It is a late Gothic church which is very decorative. On the entrance wall were some Kings of England carved in a straight line with their names carved below them. Above them were some saints carved with their names below them. In the middle of them was St. Chad to which the Cathedral was dedicated. Nearly at the top of the building is Christ carved. It is really lacy and beautifully done. The Cathedral is the mother church of the Midlands and is dedicated in honour of Saint Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Saint Chad, the first bishop in Lichfield. It has been holy ground since 1200. Some of the stained glass windows were not as nice as others but some were beautiful. The chapel of Saint Chad was up some stairs and was only used for private prayer, but I just had a peek. The church was really beautiful.

Daddy remembered an old song about Ashby de la Zouch Castle and wondered if it were true. We drove to the small village of Ashby de la Zouch and sure enough there was an Ashby de la Zouch Castle. It was mostly only ruins. It was really great. Outside Hastings Tower were 2 wells with water nearly to the top in both of them. There were ferns growing down the side of it. We walked down to the cellar and there was an underground passage. It was pitch black so we went back. We thought it was dungeons down there. When we got to Hastings Tower there was another underground passage which linked up with the other one. There were the remains of a chapel and at the end was a crucifix. It was black wood made into part of Jesus. Below the crucifix the owners are buried so we couldn’t take a photo. It was in the middle of a bush. Matthew and I found stairs going up into a tower but they were broken off further up and all the way up the tower we could see part of a stair. The castle was fab!!<ul><li> </li></ul>

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